Pure Talalay Bliss mattress waynesboro va

We have chosen Pure Talalay Bliss for our latex mattress line. (It’s all they do, latex that is!) Latex is“old school” foam that has some amazing qualities. It’s a natural product (made from rubber trees). Super durable (look at it’s 15 year FULL warranty). Best of all it’s super comfortable! Body contouring comfort that predates today’s visco and memory foams. Fewer chemicals in your bedroom. Latex gives us another way for you to sleep better and Pure Bliss makes better latex mattresses!



Beautiful, well it is just that, beautiful. The most (thickest) pure latex in the whole line. A luxurious 12” of natural latex support for a body fitting supportive night’s sleep. Latex gives you the low pressure support that your body craves in a way that is very different from memory foam. Just another choice because we are all different. If you are looking for the low pressure support of foam but may not like memory foam then this just may be the mattress for you!

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Sleepwell dream o pedic moonlight bay firm interspring mattress


The Pamper is the “firmest” of this latex line. Now “firm” is a relative term as latex foam is all about the body fit and contouring support. 8” of nothing but latex foam. Washable, removable, breathable cover. As with all our mattresses this foam is Oeko Tex certified for harmful chemicals. Talalay is nontoxic, hypoallergenic, inherently antibacterial, mold and dust mite resistant too! The only way to make this better would be the addition of an adjustable base!

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