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Mattress Store Waynesboro VA | Tempur-pedic Mattress

 Few purchases in my life have afforded such satisfaction and pleasure as the bedding set of Tempur-pedic I obtained from you. The service was excellent. The information you supplied was accurate and helpful. I have no problems with it at all. I would suggest to anyone, they will feel very comfortable dealing with you. Sincerely Yours

-Gregory M. Humphrie 1/29/10

Mattress Store Charlottesville VA | Wintergreen Resort

Dear Ernest,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the products and services for which you provide this resort.

Our guest satisfaction while staying in our rental accomodations depends largely on how comfortable a mattress is for their sleep and rest.

Based on your recommendations, you have provided us with a high quality set of mattresses from which to choose from, along with a very fair cost. The end result for the resort is seeing an improvement in quest satisfaction on comfort of bed and pillows which gives a more positive impression of the resort to our guests.

Additionally, your willingness to arrange for deliveries to minimize impact on our reservation’s process is also very much appreciated. In addition to routine delivery situations, you have provided us with timely responses to non-routine situations as well in order for us to meet guests needs.

We thank you for your support and service in the past and looking forward to working with you in the future. We are certainly more than happy to offer our highest recommendation to any client in the market for a new mattress

Thomas P. Herlihy Wintergreen Resort Rental Property Manager JANUARY 28, 2010

 Mattress Store Staunton VA | Mattress Prices

Dear Ernest,

We chose Sleep On It for our most recent bedding purchase.

We shopped around thoroughly. Your competition advertised inflated suggested retail prices with big sales discounts. Your posted prices beat the competition and made product comparison shopping much easier.

The sales staff was versed in product knowledge and ably demonstrated the features of the various brands.

Delivery was on time and professionally done. We’ll be back to Sleep On It for our next bedding purchase.

– Curt & Linda Gillespie

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Dear Ernest and Sleep On it,

We spent a year or more contemplating the purchase of a new mattress.

Our previous one was old and we were in need of replacing it. Not only that, being in our mid fifties, some serious backaches had presented themselves. We did a lot of research and spent a few lengthy days trying out a variety of mattresses, and how much money we were willing and able to invest.

We chose the Tempur-Pedic with the Ergo system and are delighted with the results.

My husbands back pain has lessened considerably. He sleeps throughout the night without having to get up. And I absolutely love the Ergo system. It helps to lift the foot of the mattress for my leg aches, and being a reader, I enjoy elevating the head to take in a book.

As for service, I found it to be excellent and personable. The caution the delivery men made in bringing in and setting up the bed was appreciated. They also took the time to explain needed information. This has been a pleasant experience all the way around. And to have my husband say for the first time in many years, “I slept good and I love this bed” was well worth it.

Sincerely, Joan Collen January 2010 

Mattress Store Waynesboro VA | Mattress Store Staunton VA

Dear Ernie,

Just a note of sincere appreciation for your help and expertise in selecting a bed and mattress for my sister!

You made it a great experience. We are truly grateful for the time you spent researching and for all the accommodations made in the store.

Many thanks, Beth Giles


 Dear Ernest Shaver,

Thank you for the excellent service we received from Sleep On It..

We purchased a number of beds for our camp and appreciated the information, price, and delivery time we received. We will be back!

Sincerely, Rebecca Staton March 1 2010 



I purchased two platform beds from Sleep On It! in the Spring of 2009.

They are very secure and solid. My old bed (not a platform bed) collapsed with one of my four cats under it.

The way the platform beds are bolted together, and with the extra four legs down the middle of the bed, I don’t have to worry anymore about a bed collapsing on a cat!

– Sue. H.


Thanks for your service & understanding and no hassle. Tim and the other Gentleman did a polite and efficient job.

Best to Y’all Eddie 4/15/2011


Dear Mr. Shaver,

Even though I have personally verbally conveyed my appreciation for your assistance, please consider this letter my effort to make certain you know how much your help meant.

As you know my family has purchased two mattresses from Sleep On It.

My mattress, the most recent purchase, had a small manufacturing defect that was quite an anomaly.

I was impressed and very happy with your response to the problem and also the manufacturer’s response in replacing the mattress.

In this current culture personal service seems to have fallen out of favor with many merchants.

It is a delight to find your store and the service I have found there. Best of Success always.

Sincerely J.W.H. July 16, 2010

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