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Why Sleep On It Waynesboro?

Because Sleep On It is a Different Sort of Mattress Store

Greedy SalesmanAre you tired of fake sales enticing you in the door, only to have greedy-eyed salespeople following you around, hovering like they’re afraid you’ll get away without making a purchase?

Suffer no longer! At Sleep On It Waynesboro we promise:

No Fake Sales…No Hovering…No Pressure


​Hi! I’m Ernest Shaver, owner of Sleep On It Waynesboro. I can promise you that OUR salespeople are NOT paid by commission! We are the ONLY mattress store in the area where this is true. What this means for you is that you get honest, professional advice from a Trained Mattress Consultant, who has no incentive to sell you the most expensive bed in the store.

  • We’ll explain the real differences between inner spring, air, water, and foam.
  • We’ll let you try out as many mattresses as you want, for as long as you want.
  • We’ll help you determine what the most important factors are for YOU.

You see…there is no such thing as the Best Bed!

A lot of those really expensive mattress stores you see at the mall would get really upset to hear me say that, but it’s true. What you are buying in a mattress is two things, Comfort, and Life Expectancy.

Life Expectancy is a factor of the quality of materials and workmanship, and affects the price of the mattress.

Comfort is entirely subjective. What feels good to one person may not feel good at all to you! Fortunately, comfort that suits you can be found in a wide range of prices.

What To Expect at Sleep On It

At Sleep On It Waynesboro, we have a process to help you determine what is the best mattress for YOUR COMFORT, and what QUALITY meets your needs.

When you first come into our store, we’ll greet you and ask a few questions, just to get an idea of where to start, so you’re not overwhelmed with all the choices. Then, we’ll show you three beds that are within your criteria, and let you pick the most comfortable. Next, we’ll show a couple more options, explain the differences between them, and allow you to choose the one that best suits your comfort level, while getting the highest quality possible within your budget.

Once you select your mattress, we provide delivery, setup, and even dispose of your old mattress.

Of course we offer many high-quality brands, from Park Place, to King Koil, to Comfort Aire, to Simmons, to Sealy, to Bed Boss, to Tempurpedic. We also offer a variety of bed frames to support your new mattress in style.

But our REAL DIFFERENCE is the Shopping Experience.

Come On In and Experience that Difference for Yourself!

We’re easy to find, at 431 West Broad Street in Waynesboro.

You can give us a call at 540-943-5850, but the best way to experience our difference is to come on in and see for yourself. One of our Trained Mattress Consultants will be glad to help you find the BEST MATTRESS FOR YOU!

Find The Bed & Mattress That Is Just Right For You & Your Home

We Specialize In ONLY Mattresses & We Have The Largest Selection Of QUALITY Sleep Products Available In Waynesboro, Staunton, & Charlottesville. We offer a HASSLE FREE shopping experience (we do not work on commission), and our knowledgeable team of “mattress experts” can assist you in selecting the right mattress for you, your bed and your home.

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