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Corsicana Mattress, one of the best mattresses places you’ve never heard or. Located in Corsicana, Texas (where else?). They’ve been making quality mattresses since the 1971. Really a great line of mattresses with super “bang for your buck”. We use a lot of their more basic mattresses that are excellent for your guest room and some super designs that are great for the sleeper not looking for the expense of all the “bells and whistles” or a nationwide marketing campaign. OH! And they offer a great two sided mattress that you can flip for a fresh side when you want it. Really a great value choice.

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Corsicana Kenai is a great place to start in everyday use mattresses. It carries a full 10 year warranty even though a queen mattress is under $500 (twins under $400). An excellent guest bed, kids bed or master bedroom. It is constructed with a 460 coil count, foam encased spring core unit topped in OnmiSense foam. As always all foams are CertiPUR-US certified for no harsh chemicals. Available in a firm or medium firmness. This 11.25” mattress works great on adjustable or flat bases. Not the mattress I’d choose for everyday use BUT dollar for dollar not a bad matters at all.

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The Corsicana Enliven is an “old school” two sided mattress. The logic behind two sided mattresses is that, with proper rotation you will have a “fresh” side to sleep on. The Enliven offers that “old school” two sided comfort with modern components. Available in a firm, plush and pillow top, this mattress covers a variety of feels to fit you. 10 FULL warranty, edge support, traditional innerspring support plus CertiPUR-US certified foams make a great mattress for any bedroom. With queen mattresses in the $500 range they make a great value. Their only downside is that they are not adjustable base friendly. Oh well, you can’t have everything!

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