What to Expect

At Sleep On It – our mattress store in Waynesboro, we have a process to help you determine what is the best mattress for your comfort, and what quality meets your needs.

When you first come into our store, we’ll greet you and ask a few questions, just to get an idea of where to start, so you’re not overwhelmed with all the choices.

Then, we’ll show you three or so beds that are within your criteria, and let you pick the most comfortable. Naps are encouraged!

With that information we’ll show you a couple more options, explain the differences between them, and allow you to choose the one that best suits your comfort level, while getting the highest quality possible within your budget.

Once you select your mattress, we offer delivery, setup, and even disposal of your old mattress.

Our Team

How we find a mattress that’s best for you?

First, we want you to know that there is no best bed. A lot of those really expensive ,exclusive mattress stores near you  would get really upset to hear us say that, but it’s true. What you need to know about buying in a mattress are two things: comfort and life expectancy.

Life Expectancy refers to the quality of materials and workmanship, and affects the price of the mattress. Usually reflected in the fine print of the warranty. Yes we do read the fine print!

Comfort is entirely subjective. What feels good to one person may not feel good at all to you! That’s why “highly rated mattresses” may not mean anything to your back. Fortunately, a comfortable mattress that suits you usually can be found in a wide range of prices.

When you come in, we’ll discuss both of these factors with you to evaluate what mattress works for you and falls within your desired price range. We’ll explain the real world differences between inner spring, air, water, and foam mattresses.