We offer the largest variety of mattresses and sleep surfaces of anyone in the Waynesboro, Staunton or Charlottesville area. We take “If you sleep on it we’ve got it” seriously! We offer traditional innersprings, air, water and foam mattress support systems, plus combinations of them for a better night’s sleep made just for you.

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corsicana mattress


Corsicana Mattress, one of the best mattresses places you’ve never heard or. Located in Corsicana, Texas (where else?). They’ve been making quality mattresses since the 1971. Really a great line of mattresses with super “bang for your buck”. We use a lot of their more basic mattresses that are excellent for your guest room and some super designs that are great for the sleeper not looking for the expense of all the “bells and whistles” or a nationwide marketing campaign. OH! And they offer a great two sided mattress that you can flip for a fresh side when you want it. Really a great value choice.

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Serta mattress waynesboro va


One of the oldest mattress manufacturers around. We’re pleased to offer Serta mattresses for there value as an entry level mattress. Good solid construction built in Maryland. Serta is one of the largest volume mattress manufacturers around. We have hand picked some of our favorites for you.

Pure Talalay Bliss mattress waynesboro va

Pure Talalay Bliss

We have chosen Pure Talalay Bliss for our latex mattress line. (It’s all they do, latex that is!) Latex is“old school” foam that has some amazing qualities. It’s a natural product (made from rubber trees). Super durable (look at it’s 15 year FULL warranty). Best of all it’s super comfortable! Body contouring comfort that predates today’s visco and memory foams. Fewer chemicals in your bedroom. Latex gives us another way for you to sleep better and Pure Bliss makes better latex mattresses!

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Sleepwell mattress waynesboro va


Sleepwell mattresses offer a great value for your money. A mattress company you may have never heard of but that’s ok. They aren’t dumping tons of money into advertising like the big boys. They focus on making you a great value in a mattress. They still offer two sided mattresses made the old fashioned way. Located in Maryland for convent shipping to us! By the way they also are the same factory that makes Serta around here.



Paramount Sleep Company founded in 1933 was started in the basement of Comess Furniture Store in downtown Norfolk and they have focused on quality sleep since then. Their focus is on quality mattresses that have a quality warranty to match. We focus on their HD Super Duty line (HD does stand for Heavy Duty!). It’s a great mattress company AND as a bonus they’re in Virginia. Their mission statement says it all:” To handcraft innovative, state of the art, stylish sleep products that provide our customers with the highest quality sleep experience, every night.” That says a lot!

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MLILY mattress waynesboro va


This is our ONLY import mattress, for good reason. (thought they do now hae a plant in the U.S.)They offer the feel of some of the best memory foam mattress options without the cost. Mlily offers a large variety of feel and support levels to fit most any need AND some budget minded choices to fit any wallet too! Look and see what others say about Mlily mattresses, just “Google” it!


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Simmons mattress waynesboro va


One of the oldest mattress manufactures around. They’re known for their consistent quality and that’s why we like them. Simmons is great for your better night’s sleep. Simmons pioneered the pocketed coil that is individually wrapped so it supports you independently of its neighbor. The Silver, The Platinum and The Black collection each offer you a great rest. There’s one that may fit you at Sleep On It!

Tempur Pedic mattress waynesboro va


Since 1992 TempurPedic has been the industry standard for Swedish Foam (generically called memory or visco foam). Unique to the industry like “Coke”. We have been a fan of Tempur from the very beginning and now offer the “pick of the litter” of Tempur-Pedic firm or foam mattresses. It’s all about an even, pressure point reduced support. So many people use the term TempurPedic for any memory foam mattress BUT it’s NOT the same! Come in and take a nap on the real thing and see if you can feel the difference (we can!).

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Sealy mattress waynesboro va


Our favorite of the “S Brands” in the mattress industry. Now a partner with TempurPedic (Tempur-Seay) givint Sealy mattress a greater boost in quality. A wonderful selection of innerspring mattresses in every feel you could ever want! We’re super happy with their “Hybrid” line where they combine the best in innerspring mattresses and the best in Gel Memory foam for a feel that truly is the “best of both worlds”. Come in and see why Tempur bought Sealy!

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