Tempur Pedic mattress waynesboro va

Since 1992 TempurPedic has been the industry standard for Swedish Foam (generically called memory or visco foam). Unique to the industry like “Coke”. We have been a fan of Tempur from the very beginning and now offer the “pick of the litter” of Tempur-Pedic firm or foam mattresses. It’s all about an even, pressure point reduced support. So many people use the term TempurPedic for any memory foam mattress BUT it’s NOT the same! Come in and take a nap on the real thing and see if you can feel the difference (we can!).

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Adapt Medium

The Adapt medium is a favorite because my customers like it! Now that was simple. No, really it’s a very likeable mattress. Its medium firmness so that fits most people (duh), it has all the best Swedish foam that Tempur Pedic makes AND their great warranty and customer service, so that’s a plus BUT it’s also their least expensive mattress so it’s a super value. It’s like buying the least expensive house in the nicest neighborhood: a great value! It’s followed closely by its innerspring based hybrid cousin the Adapt Medium Hybrid. What’s not to like!?

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In for a penny, in for a pound! If you’re going to enjoy the luxury of Tempur Pedic then why not go all the way. The Lux series offers every support foam that Tempur makes for a greater response and fewer pressure points, three ways to keep you comfortable in one mattress PLUS a great temperature regulating system to keep you comfortable…What a way to go to sleep! The only thing better would the Breeze models to keep you even cooler. They MAY be overkill for most BUT just what you need. We’re all different and that’s why there are many way’s to sleep to choose from.

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