Adjustable Bases

Made to let you adjust the bed to your life and lifestyle. Elevate, adjust, massage even! We can make these adjustable bases fit most any bed frame you have. We’ve had years (and years) of experience with adjustables.

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Rize adjustable bases offer some of the most affordably innovative adjustable bases in the industry. For an import they offer really strong warranties (5 years of FULL coverage as part of a 20 year warranty!). Sure Rize does all the normal stuff (raise the head , raise the feet , you know “the Usual”) BUT wait there’s more!!! The Rize Aviada goes inverted! Allowing you to get a great stretch in after a great night’s sleep (or whenever you feel like it!) The Remedy and the Contemporary III add the extra adjustment of lumbar support that you control. A little push when you need it. Massage, USB charging ports, wireless remotes, programmable favorite positions, under bed lighting and more. Really if you like to have all the “toys” Rize bases let you do it economically!

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Flex A Bed bases are built in Georgia, with each adjustable bed base made to your specifications. Need it taller? They’ll do that. Need side rails? They’ll do that. Even the elusive split queen for dual adjustability without resorting to a king size bed. How about a bed that raises and lowers the entry height? They do that!

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Tempur Sealy


Tempur-Sealy Adjustable bases or in their language “Ergo Bases” are some really nice looking and solidly constructed adjustable bases. From the basic to cutting edge Tempur-Sealy is always on the search for a better base! If you’re looking for the comfort in knowing you’re dealing with a company who has been around a long time and will be around for a long time Tempur-Sealy is it. Excellent customer service. Always highly rated by top consumer magazines and J.D. Powell.

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Leggett & Platt

One of the premiere adjustable base manufacturers around. These Leggett and Platt bases are American made, at an import price! They have a base with every (and any) option you could ever want. More styles than any other adjustable bed base manufacturer and years of experience to boot!

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