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M455 & M555 Smart Adjustable Bed Bases

You just have to love that name! Anyway, Malouf is a meticulous, conscientious manufacturer in everything they do. Both of these bases when paired with Malouf’s app allow for easy control and even automatic adjustment when snoring is detected. Little details like storage pockets for the remote control show the thoughtfulness of design. In these two bases Malouf offers a unique option: DUAL QUEEN. No longer do you have to have the room for a king to adjust independent of your partner. Offering a very good 20-year warranty (1 year 100% coverage, 2-5 years 100% parts and the final years pro-rated) and an excellent weight rating (850 lbs.) we like Malouf adjustable bases as a full featured base. All the bells and whistles!

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