Water Beds

Yes, we still offer waterbeds and waterbed parts! We started in 1979 as Waterbed Shack and we still have a soft spot for waterbeds. There’s nothing like them! Adjustable support with adjustable comfort to fit you! We have both woodframe (traditional waterbed style) and softside (looks like a mattress and boxsprings) waterbeds. And yes, they have made some improvements over the years! We feature U.S. Watermattress products that are proudly made in Maryland.

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United States Watermattress water beds staunton va

United States Watermattress

United States Watermattress is an old friend of our. Quality water mattress products for years and some innovative air beds too. Made in Maryland, almost in our backyard 🙂 .. They even do special orders and odd sizes. Great people with quick service and a quality product…wow!