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Below are some of the questions we get asked the most often. We’ve listed them here for your convenience, although we hope you’ll come to us for answers to the more specific questions you have about purchasing a bed that’s right for you.

At the risk of giving you a flippant sounding answer: the one you like. Too simple?

Okay, how about this? The one that fits you. We have always liked beds that conform, mold, fit or adjust to you. For years we’ve been trying to put curved bodies on flat beds. Square peg in a round hole or something like that.

Our “favorite” picks:

  • Waterbeds were our first love (they’re still great if that’s what you like).
  • Then air beds came around.  Similar to the way a water bed works, without the weight.
  • Now “Swedish” or memory foam and latex mattresses  give that great body fit without water or pumps.
  • Additionally, many traditional innerspring mattresses are now improved to give a better body fit.
  • We love the addition of an adjustable bed base to give you the ultimate in adjustable comfort at the touch of a button.

Basically, choosing the best bed relies heavily on personal preference.  We hope you see the advantage of coming in and taking a nap at our mattress store in Waynesboro, VA!

Well, what mattress size do you want? What fits your room? Let’s start with for most couples we recommend at least a Queen (60” X 80”) size mattress but King (74” x 80) is better. Double or Full (54” X 74”) size is a little tight for two! Twins (39” X 74”) are for kids! On a side note two Twin XL (extra long) at 39” X 80” side by side make a King. That works really well to get two different firmnesses in one bed or for dual adjustable beds. OH! There is that quaint thing called a California King. It’s a little longer and not quite as wide as a ‘normal” King. I’d stay away from them. Hard to get sheets for and many bed frames won’t work for them. At 76” X 84” you’re not gaining much.

Hard beds are dead! However, if that’s what you really love we have them.  Recent studies have shown that in general, those who sleep on a medium firmness mattress sleep longer and better. We’ve been saying it for years: curved body + hard , flat mattress = not the best sleep.

A too-soft mattress can be bad news too. We like supportive.  Find something that fits your body evenly.

Try this test (it’s one you can take laying down!) – lay on your back and try to slip your flattened hand in the small of your back. The harder it is to do that the better I like that mattress! Simple!

Remember: these don’t apply to everyone, but work for most. It’s still a matter of personal preference.

Sorry folks we can’t do it. It’s the law.

Virginia has some pretty stiff laws concerning bedding and what’s new and what’s used. Technically once a mattress leaves our store it’s used. It can be resold BUT only after sterilization, and only then with a bright yellow tag that says its used, sterilized, and that its contents are unknown.

This protects you from getting someone else’s “cooties” or who knows what else!

Some mattress companies offer “trial periods.” BE AWARE, where do those returned mattresses go?!

Well, that ‘s a great question! Todays “boxsprings” do a lot less than they used to BUT are still very important. There was a time that the boxsprings added greatly to how a mattress felt. Some were even soft enough to make a decent mattress themselves. Todays boxsprings are often a ‘Foundation” or a rigid box. They give the mattress a firm , flat support and keep the mattress at a convenient height. If you lay a mattress on the floor is should sleep just as well as it does on the boxsprings. Todays mattresses work equally well  on an adjustable or “motion” base as they do on their boxsprings/foundation.

It IS important to buy a new boxsprings with your new mattress for a couple of reasons. First, your old boxsprings could be sagging or weaker than is used to be. This let your mattress sag and contributes to a poor night’s sleep. Also IF there ever is a warranty question the manufacturer could blame your old boxsprings. End of discussion about replacement. It just makes sense and it really doesn’t save you much (nothing in the long run).

Either the business jacks up their prices to account for returns (you pay) or they move that mattress to some unsuspecting soul (you pay)!  So take your time when choosing a new mattress.

A word of advice: don’t rush when purchasing a mattress. Don’t fall victim to the “sale of the moment” or “the bed my manager said we got to sell!”

Our only exception to the no returns rule comes from Tempur-Pedic and the Sealy Hybrids  because they will take mattresses back from us. Ask for details.

I’m sorry we even have to write this out but here it goes: We can not take back any mattress unless there is a warranty problem.* The Virginia Department of Health has some very strict laws about used bedding. A mattress is considered to be used once it leaves the store.  These laws are for everyone’s protection.

If you wish to return a mattress under warranty, you pay the shipping and what is left is available as an in store credit to spend as you wish.

Stores that do “take back” mattresses or offer “comfort guarantees” have to be doing something with those mattresses. (See the trial section above) That’s why we try our best to fit you with the best mattress for you every time.

Nobody wants to make mistakes (us included) so take your time. Ask questions. Take naps on our time.

*The only possible exception to the no-return rule is Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  These are shipped back to Tempur-Pedic if the customer is not satisfied.