Rize adjustable bases offer some of the most affordably innovative adjustable bases in the industry. For an import they offer really strong warranties (5 years of FULL coverage as part of a 20 year warranty!). Sure Rize does all the normal stuff (raise the head , raise the feet , you know “the Usual”) BUT wait there’s more!!! The Rize Aviada goes inverted! Allowing you to get a great stretch in after a great night’s sleep (or whenever you feel like it!) The Remedy and the Contemporary III add the extra adjustment of lumbar support that you control. A little push when you need it. Massage, USB charging ports, wireless remotes, programmable favorite positions, under bed lighting and more. Really if you like to have all the “toys” Rize bases let you do it economically!

Rize Aviada

Tranquility/ Aviada

The Tranquility is a great value priced adjustable base. Yeah, it’s an imort BUT it does have a 5 year full coverage warranty as part of it’s 20 year warranty. Head and foot adjustment. 70 degree head raise, wireless remote and it works in your existing bed frame. Now for something really unique! The Rize Aviada! Full inversion therap in your own bed. Not only do the head and feet rise they fall too! Yes, it’s another import BUT it still offers a 20 year warranty! A queen is about $2000 but that’s the price you pay for a unique adjustable (theraputic even) base.

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