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Our favorite of the “S Brands” in the mattress industry. Now a partner with TempurPedic (Tempur-Seay) giving Sealy mattress a greater boost in quality. A wonderful selection of innerspring mattresses in every feel you could ever want! We’re super happy with their “Hybrid” line where they combine the best in innerspring mattresses and the best in Gel Memory foam for a feel that truly is the “best of both worlds”. Come in and see why Tempur bought Sealy!

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Sealy Hybrids

My favorite Sealy mattresses (at the moment!) Have to be their Hybrids (memory foam over innerspring). I truly believe the popularity of this line is what made Tempur Pedic buy Sealy. These are so popular that even Tempur Pedic was feeling the “pinch”. The hybrid combines the best of both worlds: the body contouring, pressure relieving gel memory foam AND traditional innersprings. These are consistently highly rated in national consumer reviews. Available in several versions of plush to super plush that we’re sure would be a great option for those looking for pressure relieving sleep.

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Sealy Black Opal

As a great second choice I’ll suggest one of our most popular mattresses: The Sealy Black Opal. This is part of our Crown Jewel by Sealy collection. This collection is an exclusive for us through a buying group we’re part of. They select mattresses by feel and quality NOT by price like a lot of “Big Box Stores”. The Black Opal is a great innerspring mattress that appeals to a LOT of our customers. It is a great mattress without a lot of “bells and whistles” to run the price up. Available in two firmness’s, a plush and what we call “hotel hard “too. These work on adjustable bases very well.

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