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Mattress label collection

Jun 28, 2019
mattress collection charlottesville va

The world’s largest collection of mattress tags / labels!! There I said it! I hold the world’s record! Even though Guinness won’t certify it (something about it being TOO unique of a collection!?!) …I’m claiming it. So if someone thinks they have more then I challenge you to challenge me! ☺ No, seriously: It’s a weird collection but I’m working on our second thousand mattress tags and labels. Yes, the tags that say to not remove under penalty of law…should I be scared? Maybe! I have some that date back at least to the 50’s and maybe 40’s. Why is that cool? It may not be BUT those tags represent mattresses we have replaced. Sort of like “counting coup” (look it up guys!). It marks not only the history of mattress technology and marketing but it stands for many happy customers (many were WAY past their prime…mattresses NOT customers!). So while you’re at Sleep On It! (THE best place to get your new mattress) trying out our your next great mattress look up and feast your eyes on my collection. Help us grow our tag collection and help yourself to a better night’s sleep at the same time. P.S. don’t try this at home because if you do remove that law label you may void your warranty!… and we don’t want that now do we?

Jun 28, 2019

Organic mattress

Organic Mattresses…(deep breath and here we go!). I’ll say it …

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