Night and Day futons in charlottesville va

We feature futon frames by Night and Day because they give us a great, trouble free selection. Solid hardwood with 10 and 3 year full warranties. They just work! A huge variety of frames and finishes to fit your home.


Asssorted Futons

Futons have come a long way baby! We feature sloid hardwood frames with 5 and 10 year warranties. Futons offer you a great way to have a sofa or a bed at your choosing. Great for that “multi purpose” room. you know the one: office/bedroom, sewing/bedroom, den/bedroom ,etc. Far better than a day bed (have you ever used one of those as a sofa!? No way is that comfortable!) Futons let you pick your choice of frame, mattress and cover to make the futon that fits you! On this “favorites” page we just can’t pick one or two. The styles and finishes are ever changing so keep checking with us for the latest.

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