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5 Bed Tips for your Vacation Home or Rental

May 22, 2019
bed tips for vacation home or rental mattress staunton va

Congratulations on owning a vacation home! We’ve put together some tips and advice from what we’ve gleaned in our over 30 years of bed experience to help you with replacing mattresses.

1) You’ll never please EVERYBODY! One mattress just can’t do it so we aim for the majority.  MOST people lean toward the middle of the road firmness or what we’d call a “plush”. Not too soft or too firm. A firm mattress may last a little longer but at the cost of comfort (good reviews) for most people.

2) Replace it sooner than you’d think! Even with 50% occupancy a mattress may only live for 4-6 years in rental or “hospitality” use.  If a mattress just sits parts will deteriorate some (foams will decay ,crumble and lose their comfort) but most important you have no idea how hard or easy your guests are with your mattress.  5 minutes of kids jumping will shorten a mattresses life by years!

3) Please look under your mattress and box springs. Scary ? Yes! But a good mattress needs good support. Is the frame in good repair? Is there a center leg or two? Queens and Kings require it. OH, and replace as sets please, Box springs do wear out..

4) Mattresses hold both odors and dirt. Just like any upholstered furniture but a mattress really can’t be cleaned easily. Mattress protectors do a great job of keeping the dirt out but odors will permeate fabrics.

5) Quality will pay off in the long run. A good mattress will have a longer and better life  (higher reviews) than a lesser one. Dad was right you buy quality once (or at least less frequently!).

For some more in depth information these websites have some of the facts to back up what we’ve seen:

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