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What’s Under the Bed?

May 29, 2019
What Under the Bed mattress stores in waynesboro va

Ooohhhh! Rather scary when you think about it. What IS under there? A collection of mutant dust bunnies? Party leftovers that never got cleaned out? The Boogie Man? (that’s a 70’s Disco reference not the scary guy your big brother told you about to keep you from getting into his stuff.) Naahhh! I’m talking about support. Legs. Slats. Stuff like that. Without proper support your mattress will not support you. A symbiotic thing here! We see a lot of junk trying to hold up a mattress. Sadly, none of it is wads of money. Mostly the bad supporting actors really let you down and even could void your warranty. Warranty? I have a warranty? Well, yes and no. Without proper support your warranty is null and void. Some manufacturers have more specific guidelines but the rule of thumb is that if you can’t stand on it you shouldn’t lay on it. Yeah, I mad that up! BUT it is true. If you have a platform bed (and you know who you are) and you can fall through the slats or break them easily then you need something else to help hold your mattress up. A solid smooth, flat surface is the general, vague wording used in the warranty card. If the support lets the mattress sag then it’s no good. If you’re using a box springs or a foundation most say you need 5 or more HARD-wood slats (I have not seen a HARD-wood slat in years. Most today are pine) or a supporting leg or two under the slats. A metal frame for king or queen needs center legs too. Now if you’re lacking don’t worry as we are here to support you! (Did you get that “support you”… oh, well) Usually there’s something we can add to make your frame rock solid. TA-DA!

So if you’re too scared to look under we’ll do it for you BUT please don’t ask us to clean! Even our pet Romba gets scared!

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